Sheet melted to header

When I put my bike away last winter, I put the cover sheet on while the headers were hot. It left some cotton/poly blend residue smudged on the header. Should I try to remove it or just burn it off on a long ride? Any suggestions on how to remove it without damaging the chrome?
I had plastic melted on Harley chrome exhaust last fall. Nothing would touch it. Went on YouTube and it said to use oven cleaner. Don’t get it hot just spray and let it set for 15 to 30 minutes. Re-wet it after the soaking and use a towel to remove it. If it still doesn’t come off, spray it again starting all over. Don’t get in a hurry and you won’t mess it up. It worked on mine without scratching the chrome at all. Might want to look on YouTube as a refresher course.
You can also use a piece of wood or plastic if it is really stubborn along with the oven cleaner. Keep the surface wet as you do it to avoid scratching. You can also use 0000 grade steel wool. Just don’t get impatient.