R18 Weekender Seat or Corbin ?


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Hey all,

Anyone rate the Weekender OEM seat (if you can call an aftermarket seat from Mustang made for BMW OEM) vs the seats from Corbin ?
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i have many years on corbin seats and they are my favorite seat.
tried mustang,saddleman,ultimate
plus if you go to the website you can customize your seat any way you want and truly make it yours at no charge.
I’m all for my weekender seat, but have no experience on a Corbin.. I just don’t like the style of seats they make. Also the weekender is usually available for pick up at a local dealer in my case.
Corbin makes your saddle to your own specifications (weight/ high/ leg dimensions...) and design/ color of your choice.
I think it's very valuable.
Very happy with my Corbin.
I sat on the weekender at the dealership, it looked confortable.
But the desing is not appealing to my eyes.
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