R18 Bagger headlight reflector vibrating when accelerating.

Hello, the central part of the headlight of my R18 Bagger vibrates "the reflector" you can hear it and you can see it move when accelerating. has anyone had this problem?

réflecteur phare bagger qui vibre.
Bonjour , la partie centrale du phare de ma R18 Bagger vibre "le réflecteur" cela s'entend et on le voit bouger à l'accélértation.
quelqu'un a t il eu ce problème?

Philippe ;)
My R18B with the adaptive headlight did the same thing. Something completely came loose in the headlight housing and the dealer had to order a new headlight ($3,000.) Headlight was backordered and took a couple months to come in. Dealer said another customer had the same problem.
Mine came lose as well but i was lucky there was one new light available last may and was replaced quickly. Its starting to look more common.
(y) thank's for your answers, my R18B is with the adaptive headlight. The reflector is completely came loose and vibrat.
The bike spends winter warm, I will go to the dealership in February.
My 22 Bagger purchased in October 22 now has 5200 miles and yesterday I learned that the bottom reflector piece broke apart from the middle-mounted piece inside of the adaptive headlight. Will be visiting my local dealer this Tuesday to see if they have one available to replace.
Mine has come loose as well and needs to be replaced. There are no aftermarket headlights to switch to as I think this will keep happening with its current design
What's the symptoms of this problem?

How did you become aware of it; can you see pieces of the reflector inside the headlight or is the lighting at night distorted and bouncing around?

Can you pin point as to when it happened or broke?
The latter, while riding and more specifically, under acceleration, the headlight jumps all around. Looks like you’re flashing high beams 5 times a second.
Based on this thread, it seems like a common issue with the R18B, I just took mine to a dealer over the weekend for the same issue, the bottom reflector is bouncing around inside the headlight.
they don't have an ETA on when they're coming in.
MikeB mentioned 5.2K miles on his bike. Not that it really matters as it could happen at anytime but what is the average mileage on those who are experiencing this defect? This issue is popping out now too much for my liking.