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R1200C bags on R18


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On fb someone posted below, waiting on translation. Though if adapted for use on a R18 would bet the the bottom of the bags might not clear the top of the FE stock balloon exhaust pipe.

It is a custom rear rack though they used above and modified it a bit to fit. Might be this part on the bmw site.


  • r1200CL saddlebags right side view on an R18.jpg
    r1200CL saddlebags right side view on an R18.jpg
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R 1200 C bags fit fine on R 18. I installed mine using chinese mounting hardware (aliexpress).


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thank you, will keep my eye out for a set of used R1200C bags now.
Did you have to modify them or the bag mounting hardware so the bags would fit?


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I'm afraid the frames from this link won't match
for these bags, the upper and lower tubes are not parallel. they are in the chinese link