Optimate4 abuse

R18 100

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I used a DelTran battery tender on my bikes for over 2 decades.
But since the new R18 came with no battery pigtail I figured I might as well get the Optimate4.
The first two pages contained disclaimers. The rest of the documentation was not written by a teacher.
Will I abuse the bike to leave it plugged in for long periods?
Since I bought the R18 new, I have left my Optimate 4 plugged in for 6 months and haven't had any problems. I live in Maine and put the bike up the beginning of November and take the bike out in late May when I return from Myrtle Beach. All my other bikes/ATVs have pigtails and are on Battery Tender Juniors the same time duration and no problems there either.
I think that's the point of the new chargers; they have some smarts to them, so not to decay the life of the battery. Probably gets the battery to the proper voltage and then maintains the float voltage; I noticed that my charger appears to be in a standby mode, probably starts charging if and when the battery voltage hits some threshold.

I also leave this bike, as well as past bikes on the charger during the off season with zero issues; my 2008 GS Adventure, I think I only replaced the battery once, before selling it in 2022 with 96K miles on it, in order to help fund my R18 B purchase.
I’ve got the Optimate 4, regarding the ‘instructions’ it made much more sense after I’d actually started using it. However, I must say it’s been terrific. I leave mine plugged in 24/7 and have done for a good 18 months or so now. Yes it’s fine to leave on, it’s got self checking software that turns itself on & off whenever it thinks it needs to. Bike always starts first time every time.