Customs R18

Could I ask if that is the Roland Sands seat by Mustang ?

If it is .....

1. Is the height the same as the standard seat ?
2. Does it push you forward or is the same ?
3. Is it comfier than the original ?

Sorry IDK I just copied and pasted the photo from FaceBook
Is that a ROCTANE model, or another R18 model with the rear side cases added? I think the ROCTANE speedometer is integrated within the headlight assembly.
You are right there when it comes to the headlight assembly. The rear mudguard is not the one for the Roctane and I believe the fuel tank isn’t either. Would it be a Classic one with the Roctane/B panniers and wheels?
One thing is certain, someone did a really nice job customising that puppy. I like it a lot.