Aftermarket cover for jump start terminal & red wires


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Has anyone found an aftermarket cover which would fill the void where all those red wire connections are at the positive jump start terminal post on the right side, as discussed in this thread:

Are red wires supposed to be exposed

Basically, not the cap for the post itself, but maybe like a black panel of some kind to cover up the whole space…
Are you insinuating that the wiring is flawed?
I am actively looking for a glossy black plastic cover to completely cover the instrument cluster and the headlight, being extremely scared that a yellow jacket may scratch the glass on impact, and induce a state a paranoia in my brain while on a long road trip.
The wiring is great!

I just think it looks crummy, with all the red wire ends exposed in such a way that almost looks like a mistake.

Just like a black snap in/out cover there would work great filling that hole and covering up all the red. I could do as others have mentioned and put black heat shrink over the red, but I would prefer to leave the red as it means something in that location - I mean its a main positive terminal...

People make aftermarket void fillers for all kinds of things on bikes. I have had various ones on Geldings & my old Valkyries, and I see them all the time on H-D. I just bet that the R18 is such a low volume model that there are just not a lot of people making stuff...