A 100th Anniversary Limited Edition in south of France


Jean-Christophe, 53, living in south of France (Provence region).
I have owned a lot of different bikes in about 30 years of motorcycling (ow mainly European bikes, from Triumph and BMW mainly... but Ducati and even Cagiva too !) and it is my very first cruiser.... and god ! I really like it !

I send a big hello to every one here.

Here are some pictures of my lovely R18.

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Beautiful ride!
Love the saddle bags
Where did you get them from?
Are they BMW spicific?
The saddle bag (I use only one on the left side) simply came from BMW Motorrad.
It is a BMW specific model normally dedicated for the Nine-T 100th Anniversary Edition. It is the left one here (right side similar bag is smaller).
As your BMW Motorrad dealer for reference 77495A5CCA5 in the accessories catalog
I just got mine about two months ago. But I prefer a more stripped down bike. I removed the rear seat, and pegs. put blacked out bolts in the fittings. Added the Roland Sands cylinder head covers. I don't want a windshield or saddlebags. I will re map the bike at around 2500 miles and call it a day. Don't want to start modifying the bike.....it has enough bling and power. I'm done with all that....

I'm still in awe of the craftsmanship of the bike...had other BMW bikes and autos, but at least looks wise they got this one right.....


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