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Roctane first engine oil/filter, bevel gear oil change.

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Jun 15, 2024
Yesterday did the first engine oil/filter, bevel gear oil change at 400mi. Engine oil/filter change is easy after buying the 76mm x 12 flute oil filter wrench. The bevel gear oil was dirty, the engine oil looked as I expected with only 400 mi on it.
Was able to change bevel gear oil without removing bags...bought the 100cc syringe from my local dealer that worked with some careful manipulation to align syringe tip to the fill hole opening.
Only inject 70cc at a time VERY slowly or it WILL leak out...70cc three times equals the 210cc capacity.
Also, the bevel gear case is shrink-wrapped around the large gear so align a gear tooth opening to the fill hole opening to make spilling less likely.
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According to posts on final drive oil, I realize the moly in the factory fill oil only make it look dirty...
Very first "service" is tomorrow around 1000 km.
It will be serviced at my local BMW shop as I am not experimented at all.
Will cost around 150€...