Right to repair

I have a question to our US-friends here.

Would the right-to-repair legislation in some states of the US allow you (in some states) to demand the BMW original maintenance and repair manuals for the R18 from BMW directly which in the past they offered as DVD but nowadays are only available for BMW-dealers online (although they can print and/oder pdf it but not for sale)?
... one can only hope ... I am sure there is some legal loophole there somewhere that gives them [BMW Corporate] the right to sell you parts ... without proper instructions ... sadly.
No unfortunately. US federal law via the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits a manufacturer such as BMW from tying their factory warranty to the consumer’s use of the manufacturer’s repair services or parts. This is commonly known as the “right to repair.” Stated differently a manufacturer is not allowed to declare a warranty void if a customer uses a part of equal quality or uses third party maintenance or repair services to repair their warrantied product.

Unfortunately nothing in the law mandates that the manufacturer provide instructions or manuals to enable repairs etc.