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Riding without hands on the bars, who does it?

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Mar 30, 2023
Goolwa, Australia
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I find myself occasionally riding with cruise control on and sometimes taking an arm "time out". Mostly on slower boring stretches of road, maybe entertaining myself with the odd "no hands" curve or two. Is this normal?
Glad to read it’s not just me. Which of us will come a cropper first I wonder. 😁
The Road King was brilliant for hands off riding
Funny I found myself doing it the other day due to my phone will not connect to the connected network at home since it is already connected to my wifi. So I had to pull one glove off to answer yes to joining the connected network once I got down the road from my house 🤣
I was on the motorway with two friends on their GS type bikes. They were been blown round a bit in the cross wind and couldn’t believe I was quite comfortable with one handed riding. The bike was rock solid.
Good to know, for the most part, that I am somewhat normal in this crowd.

I do enact my police spotting superpowers at the same time though.