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Illinois Toll STICKER….where to mount on Roctane?

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Mar 5, 2024
BMW R18 Roctane-2024
Unlike other states that have a transparent sticker that can go on center of headlamp, the Illinois sticker is opaque and much larger.
Having no windscreen any ideas of where to place or an accessory that it can go on?
What is this toll sticker you speak of? I have an IPASS transponder from IL.
How about on your helmet? Or perhaps the rear case, maybe it can be read if mounted within the case?

If not, put it in WFO ROCK mode (Gr8adv) and rip through it...

Do you have a picture of the toll tag?
I had the same issue.

I sealed the sticker in packaging tape, because apparently it isn't water proof. I then stuck it inside my tc windshield on the side near the fairing speaker.

I rode up 355 the other day from 80 all the way to 53.

Just checked my i-pass account. It never registered at any tolls. The good news, it also doesn't show any missed toll payments even though I have my motorcycle added to my account with the plate number.

My perspective. No tolls required for motorcycle.