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Has anyone purchased an extended warrantee?

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Feb 22, 2024
Texas Hill Country
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My '21 F/E still has 8 months of factory warrantee remaining. I was advised by a couple of BMW dealers across the country that as long as I was still under original warrantee I could purchase a one year BMW extended warrantee for the amazing?? low price of $1200 ! I have never purchased an extended warrantee for cars, appliances, etc. Has anyone jumped into the factory E/W? Thoughts?
I bit the bullet and got the full extended warrantee for mine; time will tell if it pays off but it does lend one confidence when piling on the miles. It's a lot of clams for the R18 ESA, a fair percentage of the cost for a nice used R18 complete.
Question: Has the high cost of the extended warrantee ever paid off once the factory warrantee expired? I don't mean having the confidence of having the ESA, that is a given...but actually used in a repairs that would cost more than the ESA cost....thanks
I primarily decided to go with the R18 B instead of a HD Road Glide or Street Glide because of the past reliability of my 2008 GS Adventure; I put close to 100K miles on it without any major failures or issues... I'm expecting the same reliability on the R18 platform...
I paid for the extended warranty when I got mine new. $3200 and it doubled the factory warranty to six years. Fingers crossed I never have to actually use it but I have a weird belief that having good insurance is what keeps bad things from happening.
Dunno about in the states but here in UK unless its changed you could carry on your warranty with monthly payments , come winter time if you do not ride you suspend it which i thought was a good deal .
Hi one year for $1200 thats a lot of cash , over here in UK you can extend your warranty monthly the idea being when the bad weather turns up you can suspend it , and then when you are ready to ride again you re-start the cover. this might of changed but i will be looking to that myself when my warranty runs out .
@cbigclarke where did you get it from at that price? Inquiring minds want to know.
It was a stroke of good fortune…and my birthday. The finance guy had made a mistake on the paperwork, and sold it to me at cost. Once he realized the mistake he was like “Happy Birthday “.
In Australia in Oct 22 the standard warranty at time of sale went from 3 to 5 years. One can not do their own servicing though. My bike came with 5 years..... I plan to service it myself from about the 3 year mark though..... so, in a way I will be throwing away the last 2 years warranty.
Just purchased a slightly used 21 Classic with 1950 miles on it. I have put about a thousand mile on it in a short time. The rear final drive unit started to leak with one month of warranty left. I am considering the purchase of the extended warranty because of future problems. This is my fourth beemer and never before had any warranty claims. I do my own service as a retired master mechanic and never had one single failure. I have rode the tar out of my Nine-t classic my K1600B a 2001 flying brick. Not one warranty claim, I am undecided what to do. Any other known issues with this new model I should take into consideration?