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Damaged dash plate on my new Transcontinental

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New member
Jun 8, 2024
Ipswich Queensland Australia
2023 BMW R18 Transcontinental, 2013 Honda Shadow VT750C
Just noticed what appears to be damage to the plastics of the dash plate under the BMW logo adjacent to the TFT screen. Not sure if this was a factory oversight, or damage caused by the service department when they fitted the TFT screen protector. I doubt the latter. Anyone else experienced this issue? Any work arounds / tidy up idea's if BMW or the dealership refuse to repair/replace.

Is the dash on the TC wrapped in vinyl or something?
From the picture I can’t see very well but from here it looks like a layer or the edges have been lifted up or something, maybe even probed?
If it is wrapped then you may be able to glue it back with a mild adhesive and heat gun. If it is not wrapped then you may want to file it gently with a nail file or something not too coarse.
I much doubt it is a factory damage tbh. Let us know how you get on with it.