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Beverage Holder R18 B or TC

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May 11, 2024
New Jersey, USA
R18 B
After a long day fishing yesterday (7 hrs.) and a two hour ride home (+4 hrs. Round-Trip), I was extremely thirsty and wish I had something I could easily grab and sip periodically...

Looking for some ideas product wise AND placement...
Rammount. Com.
Look for RAM-B-309-2U
You'll have to buy a cup holder that will amount to the ram Ball but this will Mount angier clutch cylinder bolts holes
This weekend, I played around with installing a beverage RAM Beverage Holder for my Model B; I installed the RAM mirror mount on the bottom of the left mirror, where the swivel beverage holder can be placed just to the right of the left hand controls.

I'm not crazy about the overall look; so, I wanted something that I can easily remove and install when a long riding day is planned..

The mirror mounting ball will stay in place and basically out-of-sight when the beverage holder isn't being used.

My plan is to use it with my Yeti coffee mug that has a lid on it; next steps, I still need to do some test rides and finalize the configuration and placement.

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This is the setup I have on my TC. Looks good and works really well.


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Tested my setup today with a Yeti cup; keep in mind, I would use a Camelback bladder while riding my GS Adventure, so this setup takes a little getting use to for me...

Overall, the installation is straight forward and easy to deploy when needed:

I went in a whole different direction with the cup holder; I mounted the system on the left side, just below the fuel tank. I mounted the RAM ball using one of the screw anchor points that's used to fasten the 1800 plate.

I didn't like the look and or the location up on the handlebars; I took a 3 hrs test ride this morning with hot coffee and a water bottle with a squeeze nozzle - all went well.

It's easy to remove as not to take away from the look of the bike, but offer functionality for really long rides.