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    Customs R18

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    What did you do to your R18 today?

    Here is my baby, today I put on new head covers to complete the line on the bike down each side.. to me something simple can make a completely new interpretation of what you are trying to convey.. lets face it a well done custom BMW R18 is a moving piece of art.
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    Customs R18

    My converted 2023 R18 Classic.. now a hot as bobber
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    What did you do to your R18 today?

    Today I changed the seat colour on my custom.. the last pic was the original brown I had.. I really like the burgundy with black borders...
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    Oil level

    Where I park my bike I have a mirror against the wall, I sit on it level and look in the mirror and easily read the level... so simple..
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    Show Us Your R18

    Here is my finished bobber, Rogue Motorcycles in Perth did the work, their own bobber kit, not BMW... Was a Classic so has the 16" beefy front wheel and the Classic lights up front.. Loud and deep sound...
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    Who has tried the Pro Race exhaust shorty's?

    I just put a pair on my R18, they look hot, love turn outs. Sound deep and loud, plus disabled the exhaust flap which gives it a better note idling.
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    Oil in sight Glass

    In my garage I have a mirror up against the wall, park the bike and can see in the mirror the level.
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    Key Fob/Battery issue

    Hi, just got my new R18 Classic, now a bobber... with 200 kms on the clock I was riding and the lost fob light came on. Got home and it recognised fob after stopping it and restarting.. talked to the dudes at Rogue whose bobber kit I got and Billy said what pocket did I have fob in, right, he...
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    New BMW owner from Perth, Oz.

    Will ask Rogue for details otherwise I might be giving you wrong information.. they have 2 sizes 13" and 19", I got the short 13s, sound great... a reverse cone type system...
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    New BMW owner from Perth, Oz.

    Hi, always had Harleys, never thought I would own a BMW.. Then after I discovered Rogue Motorcycles in Perth I bought a new R18 Classic and made this...
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    Customs R18

    My new R18, started as a new Classic then handed it on to Rogue Motorcycles in Perth with my ideas and this is it now. Little things like the classic driving lights, titanium exhaust wrap, brown seat, all blacked out motor and the Rogue bobber kit make it a Classic bobber.