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    What did you do to your R18 today?

    Above pertains to 2022 fe
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    What did you do to your R18 today?

    Can you set the base headlight to turn the drl s on? Looks like same headlight, maybe just needs to be activated?
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    Poll about Final Drive (Bevel Gear) Oil Spillage on the rim and tyre

    Yeah, my bad. I see by looking at my own r18 fe they apparently changed the plugs to countersunk ones. My apologies. Guess they tried to improve them in the past 30 years!
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    Poll about Final Drive (Bevel Gear) Oil Spillage on the rim and tyre

    I haven’t read this whole thread but my son bought an older k 1100 and it kept leaking oil on the tire. Very hard to find where it was coming from. Tried crush washers made from silver metal and it kept leaking. I told him to try a copper washer because it would be softer. He rode back from...
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    WTB: Headlight Trim

    Maxbmw has one for $234 if you can’t find one. All these parts are crazy expensive.
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    WTB: Headlight Trim

    I have a chrome bezel in perfect condition. 1800 miles on first edition. Possible even trade. Let me know. Jim at: [email protected]
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    Battery removal R18 Classic

    I disconnected my negative battery terminal for 3 months while I went to Florida on vacation. No blinking light when I reconnected it 3 days ago. Started right up with no problems.
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    Front lever brake adjustment?

    When adjusting brake or clutch throw, push lever forward, away from you and the adjustment wheel is much easier to move to where you want it, per the manual.
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    DNA Air Filter and Air Box Cover Like New

    I will take it. Can PayPal you. Let me know. [email protected]
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    Read your manuals…

    OK, just realized online manuals are somewhat different from each other, different things on different page numbers so my page 36 in original post means something else in some of them. Search R18 manual, then scroll down to Riders manual US model R18 BMW Motorrad. Under that click on Riders...
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    Read your manuals…

    The DRL is the grey bar that goes horizontally across the center of the headlight. You can set it so that is the only thing that lights up. If you go through a tunnel or enter darkness the low beam automatically comes on. Yes modern motorcycles headlights do come on when you start them but this...
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    Read your manuals…

    A couple of months ago I inquired on here how to turn my DRLs on. I had looked at my manual and could not find anything by looking in the glossary. No one on here could tell me how to do it either. I have a 2022 R18 bobber FE. I live in MI and left my manual at home. In Naples Fl sitting on my...
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    Bmw loud ticking

    Could be too much tappet clearance in valve train, fixed by adjusting. Also make sure oil level is in spec.
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    Sheet melted to header

    You can also use a piece of wood or plastic if it is really stubborn along with the oven cleaner. Keep the surface wet as you do it to avoid scratching. You can also use 0000 grade steel wool. Just don’t get impatient.
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    Sheet melted to header

    I had plastic melted on Harley chrome exhaust last fall. Nothing would touch it. Went on YouTube and it said to use oven cleaner. Don’t get it hot just spray and let it set for 15 to 30 minutes. Re-wet it after the soaking and use a towel to remove it. If it still doesn’t come off, spray it...
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    Is crome covered by 3 year warranty?

    Do you have to pay for a transfer of warranty from one owner to the next? If so, how much? Curious as I bought a used 2022. Thanks
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    Show Us Your R18

    Those inflatable seats are worth their weight in gold. Come in different sizes too. I rode a sportster 2700 miles in nine days with one. Do I need to say more?
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    R18 with Classic stock exhaust?

    From everything I have read you can put any exhaust on these R18s because they have wide band obd sensors and computer will automatically adjust. No tune needed!