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  • R18 Classic owner having transitioned from Harley Davidson. Based in Cheshire UK.
    Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat
    Hi Tony
    I am guessing around about the 7th of September. Would have been earlier but for having a modified paint scheme. Was wondering about having the seat modified with gel pads etc. Keep the seat as original as possible but more comfortable. I quite like the look of the seat but as you say, might benefit from more comfort.
    Tony the Skin
    As you will see on here the seat does not have too many fans. A shame because you will find the bike is a natural for covering long distances.
    Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat
    Looking forward to the whole experience. Best I price up some mod's on the seat though.
    Kate at Williams BMW Motrorad who sold me the bike has her own YouTube channel <USERNAMEKATE>. She gives a good review on the R18 and shows she has a larger pair of balls than me when it comes to weaving through the traffic.
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